About Me!

Hi!  My name is Leah Corder and I’m a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.  My therapy practice, Mischief Managed, is located in Big Lake, MN and through this business I provide all kinds of supportive services for families- tailored to the needs of my clients and my community.

I love my job.  I’m one of those people who simply never lost the love of play as I started to get older.  I find that play is a wonderful medium to help me connect with children and process difficulties on their level.  As I’m able to understand each child and their individual journey, I’m then able to help parents to generate ideas for how to help the family  along.  I love working with parents almost as much as I love working with their children.  I know that being a parent is your top priority and I enjoy helping such a motivated group of people to be the best they can be!

When I’m not working, I’m conducting research at home with my own family.  I talk a lot with parents about working on themselves, and I do this work, too!  We’re truly all on this journey together and I’m so glad that you’ve chosen to walk beside me for a bit- I hope we can help each other along.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to set up a consultation, or if you have an idea for what you’d like to see on my blog.

Have a lovely day!!

Leah D. Corder, MA LAMFT

Mischief Managed

450 Jefferson Blvd

Big Lake, MN 55309

Cell: (763) 355-4749



Darla is a sweet, cuddly, and slightly anxious dog. She loves the kids that she plays with in my office and has a tolerance for dress up along with many of the other play themes we encounter. She also loves to just sit and let children pet her while they talk, she’s a better listener than anyone who stands on two legs.

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