Revamping Life



I’ve half-written about a dozen posts about how long it’s been since I’ve written and why.  I’m just not even going to go there, I decided.  I’m all about moving on these days.

But I want to tell you that it’s all changed.  Everything has changed.  I know I’m a constantly evolving being, and all that.  But the last few months have been so much more than that.  I’ve taken every area of my life and completely reinvented.  I started my own business, after being painfully ejected from my job.  I’ve connected with family that I haven’t seen in ages, and set down anger that I carried around for half my lifetime.  I’ve discovered and explored my creativity, my spirituality, myself.  Yeah, big stuff.  And naturally my blog had to be reinvented to go with it.

Like a lot of the other areas of my life right now, I don’t know where this will lead.  I’m going to sit back and see where everything goes.  I’m on a journey, you’re on a journey- let’s travel together, side by side for a bit?


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