Learning and growing together….

I love this, so very much.  I had to share it with you.  Too many children go through the most valuable time of their lives being told what to believe, having their thoughts and ideas discarded as less important than those of their older counterparts, and hearing from adults “uh-huh” when they know that no one is really listening.  Children are smarter and more insightful than we give them credit for being.  They’re often corrected, rather than challenged.  We often expect that children adopt our own values without considering that maybe they would develop their own, different view.

We’re doing a great disservice to our children by treating them as less than adults.  We’re doing a great disservice to ourselves by ignoring the potential that exists for us to learn from our children, assuming the only way is for them to learn from us.  I believe that children experience truth because they see the world through a clear lens, without the scratching and clouding of personal experience and prejudice.  We don’t have to lose that purity and simplicity over the years and I think that by properly supporting and loving children, we can get it back for ourselves when it’s been lost.  I work with children because it grounds me in the fundamental truth of life- love, connectedness, harmony- they get it, and everyday they help remind me.

The next time your child is rambling in the car, try turning the music off and having a real conversation with them.  Ask them questions, validate their feelings and their beliefs.  When they’re wrong about something, guide them to the right answer by learning more about where the error comes from, rather than just correcting them.  Encourage them to question their beliefs, as well as yours- it’ll solidify their character and their conviction.  Most of all, open your heart to the possibility of learning something new by seeing the world through their eyes.



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